The "Your kids are such good travelers!" magic that will help you crush your next family flight.

    What If You Could love your next flight together?

    Ideas for Kids Of All Ages

    The boredom busters on this list are organized neatly by age. So whether your kiddo is 6 months old or 16 years old, you can easily find products that will keep them happy without worrying about whether something is age appropriate.

    Loads of Electronics-Free Suggestions

    Sure, you pack an iPad (isn't that mom survival rule #1? ). But you’re also wishing for some easy to pack travel entertainment that doesn’t involve an app. This list is your inside scoop.

    Easy To Order Items You Can Get Fast On Amazon

    Over 50 suggestions are included in the guide and ALL are available on Amazon. Packing is hard enough without ANOTHER last minute trip to an actual store. Ain't no shame in the Prime-mom game!

    Don't take your next flight without it!

    From babies to tweens + teens, this list is your inside scoop for the chill flight you’ve been dreaming of.

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